ParisParis bloggers meet at La Bonne Franquette

ParisParis Soiree at the La Bonne Franquette 3

The invitations to attend a big soiree for the Amoureux de Paris for 22 June dropped into my Twitter DM box from @jfruiz and @blogparis. I was a bit hesitant to accept because I knew the expected crowd would be mainly French speaking bloggers, not the usual American expats I’m used to meet at Tweet-ups.

""Organisers of ParisParis bloggers meet at the La Bonne Franquette Montmatre "

"Anna and me at ParisParis bloggers night at La Bonne Franquette Montmartre"

Eventually, I was encouraged to attend by Helene aka @parisouailleurs. And what do you know? @TomReeves and @surfanna were also in attedance.

"Helene at ParisParis bloggers night La Bonne Franquette Paris"

"Tom Reeves at La Bonne Franquette ParisParis soiree Paris"

And boy, was I happy I decided to go! The big party held in the La Bonne Franquette organised by the ParisParis team was such a hoot.

"Get to know aperitif ParisParis soiree at La Bonne Franquette Montmartre"

"@Zaromcha @zeparisienne @parisouailleurs ParisParis soiree"

"@Bemyloveinparis @Parisouailleurs ParisParis soiree in Montmartre"

It was a party that started at 19h30 (and didn’t want to end) till midnight. It was an evening that was what the French would call une soirée bien arrosée, the flow primed by the first welcome glass of champagne.

"Interior of Restaurant La Bonne Franquette Montartre Paris"

"More seating capacity at Restaurant La Bonne Franquette Montmartre"

Though joining in the fun was not free, the registration/reservation fee of €29.00 was money more than well spent. Dinner was a feast, with several choices of very good entrées, plats principales et desserts, all served with the accompanying wine from the well stocked and expertly chosen cellar of La Bonne Franquette, whose owner is himself a wine connaisseur. (Take note, wine lovers, La Bonne Franquette should be your destination if you want the best wine to accompany your French meal.)

"Selection of Entrees at ParisParis soiree at La Bonne Franquette Montmartre"

"Parfait de Charolais au foie gras de canard at ParisParis soiree dinner La Bonne Franquette"

"Charolais a la plancha at ParisParis bloggers dinner at La Bonne Franquette Montmartre"

"Boudin noir aux piments d'Espelette at La Bonne Franquette Montmartre Paris"


"Our table group photo La Bonne Franquette soiree Montmartre Paris"

All throughout the night, we said hello to new acquaintances: @zaromcha @zeparisienne @behomebandb @bemyloveinparis @toujoursraison and many others whose names I failed to note down or whose cards I didn’t get. Next time, I’ll try to do better ;-)

And for the next ParisParis Soiree why not join in? I think you will enjoy it too.

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  1. Reply Zaromcha Jun 27,2011 8:36 pm

    Super soirée et contente d’avoir fait ta connaissance 😀

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