The good news is that there are good Paris hotels for all budgets

Paris Hotels for All Budgets

"View of Centre de Pompidou from Montmartre"

We generally recommend to people visiting Paris either with the family or who would be staying for more than 3 nights, to rent a vacation rental apartment because of all the advantages it offers,  mainly saving on meals and getting more private space.  After all,  for a family of 4,  a day’s rent in a vacation rental apartment would be cheaper than booking two rooms in a hotel.

But sometimes,  it just has to be a hotel for your stay in the City of Lights.

The good news is that there are Paris hotels for all budgets. You just need to know what you want,  where and how much you are willing to fork out.

A friend travel blogger,  Gray Cargill,  has reviewed 3 of these medium priced hotels last year and we’re listing them here for your consideration.

Hotel  de la Porte Doree in the 12th district

Hotel le Tourville in the 7th disctrict

Hotel l’Annexe in the 10th disctrict


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