I've renewed acquaintances with Madrid mi amor

Madrid Mi Amor 7

"Street sign of Calle de Madrid in Madrid"

We were last in Madrid 22 years ago. Recently,  we revisited and spent a glorious January week-end in this capital city on the kind invitation of  Spain’s leading budget airline Vueling* and online Spanish radio ScannerFM and their MyVuelingCity guides**.

Encouraged by our hosts to “discover” the city on our own terms, we tirelessly pounded the streets for the sights and tastes that Madrid offers.

And we were not disappointed. Really, three days were not enough to fully enjoy this amazing city (if only for the variety of delicacies that we wanted to try.)

"Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Plaza Mayor

"Dancing in Puerta del Sol in Madrid"

Dance to Mariachi music in Puerta del Sol in Madrid

"Royal Palace in Madrid"

Royal Palace

"Back of Catedral Almudena in Madrid"

Catedral Almudena seen from the back

"Mercado de San Miguel a gourmet market in Madrid

Gourmet's market - Mercado de San Miguel where Tapas and Pintxos cost €1 each

"Late night tapas in bar Santa Ana in Plaza Sta Ana in Madrid"

The best tapas bar we've been to in Plaza Santa Ana

"Plaza Sta Ana in Madrid at night"

Midnight in Plaza Sta Ana

"Turones in Madrid Casa Mira"

Turones and candied fruits of all sorts

"Candied fruits from Casa Mira in Madrid"

Candied pumpkin, plum, orange peel ... pure sugar

"Hundreds of legs of ham in a ham bar in Madrid"

Hamon, Ham, Jambon... call it whatever you like, it's still ham.

"Two fried eggs with Jabuguitos"

A breakfast Must! Sunny side up and Jabuguitos.

"A plate of different Tapas in bar Sta Ana in Madrid"

8 tapas at only €15 in Tapas Bar Sta Ana in Madrid

"Croquetas de Espinaca in a tapas bar in Madrid"

Croquetas - One of the best treats we've ever had in Madrid

"A Churreria in the outskirts of Madrid"

Find a real churreria in the outskirts of Madrid

"Churros and hot thick cholocate in a churreria in Madrid"

If you've got a bigger appetite, order Churros y Porras with your hot chocolate

"Crowd for Cafe y pastel in La Mallorquina in Puerta del Sol"

Elbow to elbow with Madrilenos for coffee and pastries in La Mallorquina Puerta del Sol

"Architecture in Madrid"

A building in Madrid

"Congreso de los Deputados in Madrid"

Congreso de los Deputados

"Museo de Thyssen in Madrid"

Thyssen Museum in Madrid

"Front and entrance of Thyssen Museum in Madrid"

Entrance of Thyssen Museum in Madrid



Hasta luego,  Madrid mi amor !


*We have had many guests in our Paris vacation rental studio who would usually be travelling further outside of France.  Most of them take budget airlines to get to the next major European destination.

We ALWAYS advice them against taking Ryanair planes from Paris. 

Now,  we can recommend,  without hesitation,  for them to travel with Vueling.  This budget airline flies to most major Spanish cities from Paris, as well as to Rome, Florence, Vienna and Zurich.  Vueling is the favourite airline for business travellers.  Their planes and their staff look very clean and professional.   Something I can’t personally say for Ryanair,  whose planes and staff look shabby.

** Before traveling to any major Spanish city,  your first stop is  ScannerFM’s MyVuelingCity guides to check out what you can expect in your Spanish destinations.

7 thoughts on “Madrid Mi Amor

  1. Reply Nancie Jan 19,2012 4:07 pm

    This article really excites me, since I am arriving in Madrid on Jan 26th!

    • Reply filmbuff Jan 19,2012 8:04 pm

      Have a great time in Madrid, Nancie. You’ll love it. And it looks like you’ll be blessed with good weather.

  2. Reply Jeff Titelius Jan 19,2012 9:49 pm

    Wonderful pics of extraordinary architecture and oh, the food…the glorious food!! You really capture the essence and bring to life your experiences. I love this post!

    • Reply filmbuff Jan 20,2012 2:20 pm

      Thanks, Jeff. This is my “diary” of my stay in Madrid, where I really had fun seeing their sights and eating glorious food! Wish you were there!

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