Good Friday in Montmartre

Good Friday in Montmartre

There was a time not long ago, German Catholics would do their spring cleaning on Good Friday to get their Protestant neighbours’ blood pressure sky high. (To get back at them, the Protestants would party on All Saints Day.)

That’s tame, considering what they do in the Philippines on Good Friday. Not only do they have their own Way of the cross procession, at the end of it, they actually nail/crucify the actor representing Christ. This year, they crucified 24.

The Basilica of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre also marks Good Friday with a Way of the Cross procession, always led by the officiating Archbishop of Paris. This time as last year, it was by Cardinal Vingt-Trois.

And no, they don’t usually nail the Archbishop to the cross at the end of it.

"Sacristans waiting at the top of Paris Montmartre for Way of the Cross to start"

"Archbishop of Paris Cardinal Vingt-Trois carrying cross on Good Friday in Montmartre"

"Crosses carried in Way of the Cross procession in Montmartre led by Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris"

"Cardinal Vingt-Trois leading Way of the Cross on Good Friday in Paris Montmartre"

"Way of the Cross in Paris Montmartre ends in Basilica of Sacre Coeur"

How does your town or city mark Good Friday?

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