Beware! Vacation rental scams

Beware Vacation Rental Scams!

"Hotel in Paris"

For a stay of more than 4 days anywhere, but particularly in Paris, you would want to stay in a vacation rental and not in a hotel

Many travellers looking for budget vacation rentals in the country they are going to visit have fallen prey to dubious characters who offer deals too good to be true and difficult to resist.

"Homeless people's tents under a metro train bridge in Paris"

You wouldn't want to end up here just because the flat you were supposed to be renting turned out to be non-existent

Both the New York Habitat blog and Yetunde of Feel Like Home in Paris have written salutary pieces to warn would-be vacation home renters from these scams to avoid heartaches all round.  Read New York Habitat’s advice HERE and Feel Like Home in Paris’ HERE.

Have you been a victim of these vacation rental scams? Share your stories with us here.

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