Tati in Paris is the cheapest department store

TATI Trademarked Pink 1

"TATI in Barbes Montmartre cheapest department store in Paris"

"TATI jewelry shop in Barbes Montmartre Paris"

"TATI in Montmartre cheapest department store in Paris"

Pink,  blue and white are the unmistakeable colours of TATI,  the cheapest department store in Paris.

Don’t sniff at it. If,  on your visit to Paris,  you realise you need an extra pair of underpants or more T-shirts and pullovers to layer because you didn’t expect cold weather in Paris,  you’ll be more than glad that TATI is there.  It’s France’s version of Walmart.

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  1. Reply Ellie Oct 21,2011 5:25 pm

    How have I missed this? I’m always looking for an excuse to hop on the Eurostar and frankly, this could be it! Merci beaucoup x

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