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MILK in Montmartre

MILK in Montmartre
Only in Montmartre does M I L K   mean  Mum  In  her  Little  Kitchen and soon one of your favourite place for home-baked cakes and cookies to eat with a glass of cold milk or thick smooth hot chocolate. You can find your MILK in Montmartre on 62 rue d’Orsel 75018 Paris. Visiting Paris soon? Be your own ...

ParisParis Soiree at the La Bonne Franquette 3

ParisParis Soiree at the La Bonne Franquette
The invitations to attend a big soiree for the Amoureux de Paris for 22 June dropped into my Twitter DM box from @jfruiz and @blogparis. I was a bit hesitant to accept because I knew the expected crowd would be mainly French speaking bloggers, not the usual American expats I’m used to meet at Tweet-ups. ...