what to see in Paris - Memorable Movies And Montmartre

Bars at the Butte Montmartre 4

Bars at the Butte Montmartre
We’ve been asked for advice so often by our young studio guests as to what bars we could recommend in the Montmartre area. Not bar goers ourselves, we could only name the ones we’ve been to (1 or 2 times in a year) but which we could not seriously recommend. So, we asked the expert, ...

Hélène’s Paris 2

Hélène's Paris
See Paris through Hélène’s eyes Hélène Loiré was born and raised in Paris and has worked in communications and advertising for over 20 years.  As a side project, she has started to rediscover Paris, exploring and taking photographs with an incredibly fresh eye.  Follow her on Twitter and make sure to check out her photo ...

Snow-covered Montmartre 10

Snow-covered Montmartre
Snowfall seemed to have had no end last Wednesday (8 December).  At least 25 cms of the white stuff fell on the streets of Montmartre. Visiting Paris soon? Be your own guide! Order your copies of Paris Movie Walks now!  NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN iPHONE APP HERE

Montmartre In Snow – Plenty Of Snow 9

It had been snowing non-stop in Montmartre. I reckon we have at least about 25 cms of snow on the streets now. I went out all the same (while it was still snowing, mind) to catch some action around where I live.  And I share them with you here…. to put a smile on your ...