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My Heart Belongs To …. Montmartre

My Heart Belongs To .... Montmartre
A guest post by Gail Boisclair Paris! It is many people’s romantic dream to come to the City of Light and live there. I, however, was never one of them. It was not ‘love at first sight’ for me with Paris – my heart did not pound, the sight of macarons did not bring a ...

Impressions of Montmartre 12

Impressions of Montmartre
A guest post by Cathy Sweeney, a recent visitor to Montmartre First impressions of a place can be disappointing if they don’t match our preconceived notions. My expectations of Montmartre were like the colors, moods and charm of impressionist paintings brought to life, plus scenes from movies filmed there and a dash of 21st century reality. ...