Sacre Coeur - Memorable Movies And Montmartre

Le Sacre Coeur 1

#FriFoto : Capital Views Le Sacre Coeur in Montmartre I think we all know that Montmartre is in Paris *#Frifotos is a weekly Twitter chat started by @EpsteinTravels where you can share your favourite travel photos. A theme is chosen every week and anybody can tweet their submission using the hashtag #FriFotos.  

Impressions of Montmartre 12

Impressions of Montmartre
A guest post by Cathy Sweeney, a recent visitor to Montmartre First impressions of a place can be disappointing if they don’t match our preconceived notions. My expectations of Montmartre were like the colors, moods and charm of impressionist paintings brought to life, plus scenes from movies filmed there and a dash of 21st century reality. ...

Fine Dining In Montmartre 4

Fine Dining In Montmartre
There aren’t many fine dining establishments in the 18th arrondissement for that special occasion. But they’re there and Kim,  a Montmartroise for the last 7 years, shares her favourite places. A guest post by Kim Laidlaw-Adrey The 18th arrondissement in Paris is a vast and varied neighbourhood, and its diverse range of restaurants reflects its ...