Paris - 8/8 - Memorable Movies And Montmartre

It’s Christmas At The Grands Magasins In Paris !

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Montmartre In Winter 2

Montmartre In Winter
 Snow is never good news for me. We live right at the top of the hill in Montmartre and it’s downhill all the way for us. You can imagine how risky it is if that snow becomes a sheet of slippery ice. But then again, it makes for a pretty sight when snow flurries cover the Basilica, ...

Christmas Market In Montmartre 2

Christmas Market In Montmartre
Every year, at around this time of the year, Christmas markets, big and small, sprout all over Paris.  The big one, of course, is in the Champs Elysees. Over in Montmartre, we have our very own Christmas market, small but cozy and charming, with interesting stalls. The period for Christmas markets just started so the ...

French Cuisine As UNESCO Cultural Heritage 4

French Cuisine As UNESCO Cultural Heritage
by Michael Schuermann So, it’s official. French Cuisine is now a part of the world’s “cultural heritage”. Hurrah and congratulations to French Cuisine for joining the illustrious ranks of the art of Croatian throat-warbling and the Peruvian scissor dance. I have only one problem with that: unlike a singing technique and a dance, not to ...