Memorable Movies And Montmartre - 4/12 - Our Cozy And Charming Vacation Rental For Your Budget Paris Holiday

Le Sacre Coeur 1

#FriFoto : Capital Views Le Sacre Coeur in Montmartre I think we all know that Montmartre is in Paris *#Frifotos is a weekly Twitter chat started by @EpsteinTravels where you can share your favourite travel photos. A theme is chosen every week and anybody can tweet their submission using the hashtag #FriFotos.  

Fly to Europe for your Summer Vacation

Fly to Europe for your Summer Vacation
Sponsored Guest Post It’s that time of year again. The summer break is in full swing. So many budget flights offered to so many continental European destinations. The choice is teeming. Many would, of course, choose to have Paris as their first stop, perhaps for an extended stay in the French capital to soak in ...

The Fourth Apple in Paris 1

The Fourth Apple in Paris
There’s a shiny apple on a pedestal in Paris and it’s not Steve Job’s. It’s the Fourth Apple by Franck Scurti now to be seen in Place Clichy in the 9th district of Paris. What used to stand on that same pedestal until 1942 was a bronze statue of Charles Fourier,  an influential French utopian ...

ParisParis Soiree at the La Bonne Franquette 3

ParisParis Soiree at the La Bonne Franquette
The invitations to attend a big soiree for the Amoureux de Paris for 22 June dropped into my Twitter DM box from @jfruiz and @blogparis. I was a bit hesitant to accept because I knew the expected crowd would be mainly French speaking bloggers, not the usual American expats I’m used to meet at Tweet-ups. ...