Memorable Movies And Montmartre - 3/12 - Our Cozy And Charming Vacation Rental For Your Budget Paris Holiday

Street Art That Jolts 1

I had a jolt the other day. I thought I saw a dead homeless person hanging from a window of a crumbling building. I almost fell down the stairs of Rue Drevet (Montmartre). But it was just a piece of “street art”. *Phew*

Madrid Mi Amor 7

We were last in Madrid 22 years ago. Recently,  we revisited and spent a glorious January week-end in this capital city on the kind invitation of  Spain’s leading budget airline Vueling* and online Spanish radio ScannerFM and their MyVuelingCity guides**. Encouraged by our hosts to “discover” the city on our own terms, we tirelessly pounded the ...

Dior to Luxury 1

This is the Dior (oops!) Door to Luxury Visiting Paris soon? Be your own guide! Order your copies of Paris Movie Walks now!  NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN iPHONE APP HERE

TATI Trademarked Pink 1

Pink,  blue and white are the unmistakeable colours of TATI,  the cheapest department store in Paris. Don’t sniff at it. If,  on your visit to Paris,  you realise you need an extra pair of underpants or more T-shirts and pullovers to layer because you didn’t expect cold weather in Paris,  you’ll be more than glad ...